The course goals are pretty reasonable and I hope they hold true . The goals that stood out to me the most were to have students learn in multiple ways, not favoring one mode of communication over another, and to submit publishable pieces to appropriate scholarly venues. In The New London’s Group’s book Multiliteracies : Literacy Learning and the Design of Social Features, they focus on using all of the modes of “meaning” and learning more when using these. I feel that I always learn more when combining these modes. Things stick better in my head when I can watch a movie about it so I can see what’s going on along with hear whats going on. It makes sense not to favor just one mode and to open up your mind to a broader aspect of learning. I, myself would love to develop reading and composing skills in multiple media as well as investigate the impact of digital technologies on reading and producing multimedia texts. I am not good with computers or any form of technology in that matter so I am excited to see what I end up learning in this class. Obviously I would love to have fun and learn in this class and am intrigued to see which students will wow me and if I will wow any of them.
The expectations for this class seem extremely manageable. My parents have always put it in my head to go to class every day because they pay a lot of money for me to attend classes so why not go? I also believe coming prepared to class and having an understanding of the assignment is something that has been said to us since before high school. It is important, in my opinion, for my group members to always come prepared and be organized. Something that was not mentioned before was that group members should always go to meetings outside of class as well. If the group sits down and chooses a day and time to meet with no one saying otherwise everyone should be expected to show up. They need to be accountable to the group. Also, having respect and being willing to share ideas and take constructive criticism are some things I expect to see in every group member. People should not get upset when others give them criticism. More times than not they are just trying to help.
I don’t have many ideas for the actual content of the final project but I do hope that my group will be able to use new technology we learn whether it is a new option in power point or a completely new program. I would like my group to exceed creative expectations as well. The final project has a big impact on our grades so we should make it the best we can by using all our soon-to-be newfound abilities.
I expect that this class will be semi laid back up until we work on projects and from then on it will be pretty chaotic. I feel that this is a class where rather than the professor doing all the teaching the students teach each other as well. I expect that if I do not slack off, follow the expectations in the syllabus and work well with my group this class will be fun and educational for me, as well as a nice GPA booster.